Our client is now looking for a Chief Data Officer

Job description  

  • Your focus will be data management, data collection, data analysis, data presentation, technical product development and tech roadmap.
  • Your leadership skills are needed, as you will set strategy and plans together with the management team as well as your own managers leading teams of specialists from our headquarters in Stockholm. 
  • You will work in close contact with our Market Unit Managers to make sure we procure the right data per segment and market within agreed time frame, at the right cost.
  • You will also work in close contact with the Commercial team in order to make sure you deliver the right products and technical platforms and tools.   
  • You will over time update and innovate around future data collection on one hand, and data analysis and presentation on the other – always with customer focus and commercial priority.

Hard Skills: 

  • Experience with data management combining different data sources 
  • Experience with data collection through panels, surveys and third-party vendors
  • Data cleaning and data quality
  • Pedagogical thinking and data presentation 
  • Knowledge of Tech development and tech development processes and scrum
  • Leadership experience of managing managers with teams of specialist
  • Market research knowledge and market research tools   


Soft Skills: 

  • Someone who can operate independently and bring value and inspiration to the teams and in the wider organisation 
  • A willingness to try new things, adapt to the market and client needs, and keep one step ahead of modern data management  
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and a “can-do” attitude, being OK with the unknown 
  • A curious and self-motivated mindset – to solve problems together with colleagues in all parts of the organization for us to reach company goals
  • Ability to learn and adapt to new processes and environments
  • International experience 
  • Autonomy, ownership, and accountability
  • Drive and a willingness to deliver, and the capacity to follow through 
  • Advanced presentation skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Product ownership
  • Project ownership and management  

Educational background: 
Bachelor’s degree or equivalent – preferably in business, data management or technology subjects

Start Date of the Assignment: November 

Duration of the Assignment: 6 months 

Location: Stockholm

Estimated Workload: 100% 

Working Language: Advanced English. Additional languages are a plus