Låter ett projekt med syfte att tillhandahålla verktygskvalifikationer för GoogleTesting intressant?

Project – Gtest qualification C and C ++

The work is divided into two parts:
the system safety work and
– the work to drive the assignment

The purpose of the assignment is to provide tool qualification for GoogleTesting collaboration with stakeholders. It should be done in context of the stakeholders SW development chain with focus on the SW unit testing.

The purpose of this assignment is to assure GoogleTest with proper ISO 26262 as part of the SW development tooling chain included in the customers chain. Note that since GoogleTest can not be executed by itself, the qualification must explicitly refers to compiler used for the qualification process.


To support and drive the GoogleTest tool classification, qualification and confirmation review. For the SW unit test chain, Tool Identification, Configuration Use Cases, TI, TI Justification, TD, TD Justification, TCL, Max ASIL,Qualification Method and results, Confirmation Review. Confirmation review will be assisted. 

Since GoogleTest is not a stand alone but operates with compiler the qualification must explicitly refer to compiler used for the qualification process. Also the work should document a suggested process how to add compilers.

As a driver for this work:
-You drive collaboration with the customers organization
– Coordinate the work and timeplan across the stakeholders and Volvo Cars system safety team
-Drive and lead with gtest qualification
– Aassist in making sure the documentation is in place. It includes:

•Stakeholder management
•Change management
•Detailed time plan

Identify necessary test cases or other measuresto supportthat can enhance

•Technical support
•Requirement management

The safety work
-The work includes to state scope and use case for the GoogleTest.
-It includes to state the tool context, including compilers
-It includes working with stakeholders at Steering, Propulsion, Safe vehicle automation and others.
-It should be checked against future use case in Zone Controllers.
-This is documented in SWF documentation.
-State a firm version of GoogleTest which is qualified
-Work together with SWF and Digital to store the recommended SW version in one place that is available for all SW development teams
-Create information material for deployment
-Assist in deployment by presenting the result at suitable CoPn and foras
-Identify suggested way of working on how to lift future GoogleTest versions in the most flexible way
-Qualify GoogleTest according to the customers guidelines


Using GoogleTest as working assumption. Tool qualification for GoogleTest in collaboration with Vehicle propulsion, steering and -Safe Vehicle automationin context with necessary compilers. Use case, scope and tool context for unit testing C and C++ Suggested process improvements which secures high ASILQualified version of GoogleTest available, coupled with necessary work instructions Classification, qualification and confirmation review. Tool Identification, Configuration Use Cases, TI, TI Justification, TD, TD Justification, TCL, Max ASIL, Qualification Method and results, Confirmation ReviewClearly mentioned the need of extra / add-on qualification activities in case of changing compiler.

In collaboration with developers in SWF, if applicable: Test cases for qualification.

Test cases for qualification that can be used in regression when GoogleTest is lifted to higher versionand adding support for more compilers.

Driver for this work coordinates, plans and supports the deliverables.

Omfattning: 50-100%
Språk: Svenska och engelska 

Var: On-site i Göteborg och/eller Lund

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