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Assignment description:

The customer operates a decentralized organization structure whereby decisions are taken close to the business in a decentralized manner. The business is managed through individual divisions within each business area. Divisions have full end to end responsibility for offerings. These divisions utilize legal entities across the globe to transact from an operational perspective. The operations of both business areas are segmented into 14 separate divisions, of which 12 are in scope for the Seamless Flow Program. Divisions typically source product from Customer owned production units and from external vendors.

The divisions share a common Distribution center (one legal entity) and 57 sales entities to serve customers in over 100 countries. The sales units sell and rent equipment, sell aftermarket parts and tools, and provide a range of services designed to support customer productivity. The results of sales units are consolidated for reporting and governance across 15 sales areas.

Project Background & Description:

SMCL and the Sales units currently operate on legacy ERP platforms. In 2020, the Business Areas approved a decision to implement a replacement ERP, SAP S/4HANA, into both SMCL and the Sales units. The program to implement SAP S/4HANA, named the seamless Flow program, started January 2021 for Phase 1 – SMCL, referred to as Phase 1. SMCL is now live in one division and will continue to deploy across all divisions through to 2024. In parallel Phase 2 of the program, implementation of SAP S4 Hana in the sales units is in the explore phase with build scheduled to commence in the coming months.

The objective of the Seamless Flow Program is to deliver a common ERP platform across SMCL and the Sales Units as part of the Business Platform Strategy for both BA SMR and BA SRP. It will support the Customers strategic focus on ‘Shift to Digital’, enabling the Customer to:

• Improve their agility and flexibility to respond to new requirements and opportunities

• Increase transparency, control and accountability

• Attract and retain exceptional people who are used to working in a digital world

• Establish a stronger operating model

• Improve connectivity with other strategic IT platforms

• Enhance Customers ability to meet all external compliance obligations in a cost-efficient way

The Seamless Flow Program has a vision to enable the SMR and SRP divisions to achieve their strategic objectives through the seamless flow of information in one single instance of SAP S/4HANA, one global template and integrated solutions across SMCL and the SUs. This will provide those divisions with:

• A global view of customer & vendor accounts

• Full data transparency and traceability

• Opportunity for Production Units to move to a single instance environment, enabling full back to front business visibility (note: outside of scope for this Program)

• Opportunity to consolidate non-strategic platforms onto SAP S/4HANA

• Ability to licence additional capabilities from SAP to meet future business needs

• Comfort that this solution is fully supported by SAP until 2040

Along with implementing a single ERP SAP S4 Hana instance, there are a number of connected systems which will remain in the solution landscape which will be integrated within the end to end business processes. The purpose of this role is to project manage the build, test and deploy of required connected systems interfaces.

The baseline scope is approximately 200 interfaces across 40+ connected systems. Specification effort is distributed across functional workstreams which include Finance, Sales, Inventory Service, Sourcing and Procurement, Trade Compliance. Transport and Warehouse Management. Integrations are developed by a central offshore service team. In addition to interface development, enhancements to connected systems applications may be required to support the integration request. In this scenario development is provided by the appropriate internal or 3rd party service responsible for the application delivery. 

The role of the connected systems project manager is to work with the functional and technical workstreams to help define the integration development sprint plans, to ensure there is an ongoing handover between functional and technical workstreams and to coordinate ongoing integration delivery. The role will report weekly on build status, risks, issues and open actions. The role is supported by an IT project manager who will facilitate resource planning, 3rd party engagement and contracting, scope management and escalations.

Competence requirements:

Enterprise application integration across multiple business processes, preferably to SAP but other ERP applications ok. Familiar with integration approaches including synchronous and asynchronous, integration protocols and connectivity standards.


Excellent organizational skills

Excellent communicator

Strong English speaker

Confident presenter

Familiar with ALM and project planning, tracking tools including:

MS Project


SAP Solution Manager (Desired)

Estimated Workload: 100%

    Working Language: English

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