konsult inom testning/testutveckling till en spännande kund

The assignment

Our team is striving to deliver products of high quality that our customers love. This means that we are actively working with improving both the way we work and the systems/tools we use. During the past year, we have started to invest in test automation, but as the product has been around for a while so there is still some work to be done here. So to speak.

Our belief is that, while auto test suites will rid us of boring and repetitive work, it will never replace a skilled, intuitive test engineer that enjoys exploratory and risk-based testing. Just like you are!

So what would we like you to do? Your focus will be a mixture of manual testing (exploratory and risk-based) and extending our auto test regression suite. You will be part of our iX Product Team whose main responsibility is to further develop our iX Developer SW.

Candidate Profile

The HMI software team is diverse both when it comes to experience, background, age and gender. What they have in common is that they are highly skilled, adaptive and open-minded. And very nice to hang out with.

Your personal skills align a lot with openness and curiosity and at the same time patience and kindness which are parts of your general approach. You are a team player and enjoy the strength that a true team can bring.

Just like everyone else, we would like you to know a lot about many things. To narrow it down a bit, it would be great if you could tick some of the boxes below:

You have:

  • Experience in test automation and creating automated tests in C#
  • Hands-on experience of exploratory/risk-based testing
  • You are well acquainted with various test methods and have experience taking decisions about test strategy to solve complex problems
  • Understanding of non-functional requirements (performance, stability, etc) and knowing how to test them
  • Experience of providing structured information about the quality of the product
  • Great skills in English, both verbally and written

A pure bonus is if you:

  • Have worked with industrial automation industry and HMIs before
  • Have some knowledge of security testing
  • Like playing with HW (our HMIs can be combined with a lot of other HW)
  • Have some dev-ops experience.

we look forward too hear from you.